Thursday, June 16, 2016

Journey to the MTC!

Sister Alvari started her journey to the Provo, Utah MTC on Tuesday!
She even survived the Utah drivers! (hahaha, pictures shared of her and Mom being scared!)
On Wednesday the 15th of June Sister Alvari reported to the MTC at 12:30pm.. She was greeted by happy & loving missionaries & hosts! Her host greeted her at the car and also helped her get her bags.. 
Jess was allowed a few quick minutes & a quick picture before it was time for the REAL GOODBYE as the car drove away..
The sister missionaries shouted, "Don't worry! It's ice cream and hot fudge for dinner tonight! She'll be fine!" ;)
A sad but spiritual goodbye.. 
Unfortunately Wednesday morning Jessica was very sick to her stomach and so nervous that she had to lay down for awhile and do everything she could to not throw up.. NERVES! She was able to make a quick trip to the temple and walk around the grounds and snap a few photos before driving to the MTC.. luckily she made it without getting sick! Poor sweetie was so nervous.. She has felt that she wouldn't know enough or be prepared.. but, in my opinion she is ready & prepared & will do wonderful things. And she will be filled with KNOWLEDGE when she departs from the MTC. Hopefully her nerves will calm and she will feel more confident in her abilities to know and teach..

Here are some pictures from her MTC journey! Also some hugs that were captured between her and family members..

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